Border Terriers: How They Are as Pets

Border terriers were bred to help drive foxes out of their hiding places and out into the open. They have a powerful drive to hunt and dig. That is why they would require frequent dog cleaning, especially when they’re in and out of your house. Borders are wonderful pets that loves to play and loyal to their owners.

The Personality of a Border terrier

Terrier breeds are good-tempered, affectionate, and obedient. Because they are highly intelligent and fast learners, they are pretty easy to train. While they are affectionate to their humans, they aren’t that much with small animals. That’s primarily because they would think that they are preys. And when it comes to preys, they are fearless and relentless.

Like any dog, Borders need to be socialized at an early age; you need to expose them to different people and experiences. Socialization will help make sure that they will grow up to be a well-rounded pet.

There are border terriers that are more work-oriented than the others and some are mellower. But generally speaking, they are energetic and athletic pets. They like to play with interactive games and prefer vigorous exercises.

This dog breed is inquisitive in nature that they can end up crawling anywhere. Thus, you need to secure your yard, put them on a leash, or personally supervise them when they play outside.

Most Borders are extremely socialized that they happily greet and kiss strangers. Unlike most terriers, Borders are sociable with other dogs. He may even live peacefully with your pet cat.

In general, border terriers are very sensitive and they are eager to please their humans that they easily respond to motivational obedience training.

Border terrier is an excellent pet if you want a dog that is:

  • Small, sturdy and tough
  • Simple-looking
  • Has a coat that can have easy pet grooming at home
  • Has minimal shedding
  • Loves to exercise or do sporty activities
  • Sociable

But borders might not be right for you if you don’t want to deal with the following:

  • Dynamic terrier temperament
  • Stubborn
  • Digging holes
  • Barking
  • Has a strong urge to chase running creatures
  • Playing and exercising to keep them busy

What should you be concerned about when you’re considering Buying a Border terrier?

  • Dynamic terrier temperament. Most terrier breeds have temperaments that make them what they are. They are quick to bark and chase. They are lively, feisty, clever, stubborn, impulsive, persistent, intense, and so on.
  • Animal aggression. While they are sociable with other dogs, Border terriers are still a force to be reckoned with when they accept a challenge or initiate a fight. They have strong urge to chase and seize small running creatures, which may become a problem if you own another type of animal (e.g. cat or rabbit). You can’t trust them off-leash as they can easily run off (not minding your shouts) after anything that interests them.
  • Providing enough exercise and stimulation. Borders are active dogs. Thus, you need to provide regular opportunities for them to release their energy and to use their minds on something interesting. It is important to note that terriers aren’t meant to be household pets. But if you strongly want this dog breed, you should enroll your pet to an obedience class, agility training, or dog clubs.
Border Terriers: How They Are as Pets

Terriers are very quick to bark when they see a new site or hear a sound. Thus, you have to be fast in stopping them. If you’re working all day and you have neighbors nearby, terriers aren’t exactly an excellent choice for a pet. For the same reason, you should never leave them outside your yard without any supervision. To make things worse, they have high-pitched barks that can disturb some people.

Border Terriers: How They Are as Pets

Border terriers require regular dog grooming. You need to brush their hair regularly and trim them, as well as clip their nails.

Fence Security

Most terriers are great at escaping. They often go over or under the fences to go on a dog adventure. Thus, you may need to install fences that are higher than their size. You may also consider sinking a wire to the ground along your fences to prevent them from digging. It is also an excellent idea to put high quality locks on your gate to prevent them from escaping.

Own Mind

Border terriers have a mind of their own. They are eager to work with you than any other terrier breed. They excel at obedience and agility trainings. But their toughness may frustrate you when they decide to be stubborn. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you consistently show them that you mean what you say. Teach your Borders to listen to you through Respect Training.

Is Border tTerriers Excellent with Kids?

The Border terrier has been popular for being an excellent pet. They aren’t only good with the adults, but they are good with children as well. Compared to other breeds, they aren’t prone to being snappy. In fact when children give much attention to them, they would often seek them out for affection and hugs. As a fun-loving little pet that loves to play active games, they are often good playmates for children. They enjoy activities like dog walking, playing interactive games, as well as roughhousing. Generally, kids who love pets will create strong bonds with these dogs.

Border Terriers: How They Are as Pets

Although Borders are known to get along well with children, you should always make sure that your child won’t harass the dog. Teach your children to respect the dog and not to treat them as an alternative toy. Also, while Border terriers are child-friendly, you shouldn’t leave them with small babies without any supervision. When your Borders are still very young, you should put him in a place where he feels comfortable and safe to rest during bedtime.

The Border terrier is among the excellent pet choices for those who want to introduce their children to responsibilities and the many benefits of owning a dog. It is also a great pet for all types of families.