Highly Trainable Dog Breeds

Certain dog breeds may be eager to learn new tricks than others. In fact, if you own some of them, you might want to come up with something new to keep them entertained. If lead an active lifestyle and you’re willing to devote some time to teach your pet, then you’re probably better off with the most trainable dog breeds. But if you’re too busy, then you should think twice. Generally, these trainable dog breeds have high energy levels and intelligent; so, you shouldn’t expect them to sleep on the couch all day.

Here’s a list of the most trainable dog breeds there is.

Border Collie

The Border Collie tops the list of the most trainable dogs out there. They are intelligent dogs that like to learn and do new things whenever possible. In fact, they need to do something to keep them happy. The Border Collie is herding dog and it is recently used as a sporting dog as well. This dog breed is popular for its agility, obedience, and speed. It also learns new tricks quickly and it loves working alongside their humans. They are great at dog sport competitions; they are often seen competing in disc games and fly ball.

Highly Trainable Dog Breeds


While poodles look cute and adorable, their intelligence and trainability is quite striking; don’t let their curly, fluffy coat tell you otherwise. They are quick to learn new tricks and behavior; from dog grooming to crate training to jumping through a hoop. You may never have known this, but poodles are used for hunting and rescues; and they’re actually water dogs. While they come in different sizes, toy poodles can be used for bird hunting. This dog breed loves to be surrounded by people and is very protective in nature.

Golden Retriever

Often confused with Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers are famous for being friendly and having brains. While they may not be as smart as the Border Collie, their good nature and “eager to please” attitude makes them a fun furry companion and a perfect family pet. Over the years, these dogs have been a companion to hunters. This dog breed can be easily trained to find and retrieve a game that has been shot. With its soft mouth, it can retrieve the game to its owner unharmed. Apart from being a hunting dog, they are also used as rescue dogs, guide dogs, as well as sniffing dogs. A golden retriever’s patience makes them easy to train.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever, popularly called as “Lab”, is a versatile dog. It can be used for companionship, shows, hunting, sports, guide, service, sniffer, therapy, search and rescue, and many more. This dog breed originated from Newfoundland and was trained to hunt a waterfowl. Over the years, they were trained to do more jobs. Most of these dogs are used by police authorities for bomb and drug sniffing; a dog that can be trained to do those jobs is undeniably smart. Being a guide dog, they are trained to help those with disabilities, especially the blind. Labs can also be trained to lead the blind around while ignoring any distraction. It is a loving, patient, and obedient dog that can easily be trained to do just about anything.

German Shepherd

While German Shepherds look all tough and mean on the outside, they are actually among the most lovable dog breeds there is. Today, these dogs are used as police dogs, rescue dogs, and even military dogs. These dogs are very intelligent that the Army and Marines used them in their overseas activities. Aside from being smart, they’re obedient and protective as well. History has it that German Shepherds were used as herd dogs; but today, they are used for other purposes.

Doberman Pinscher

Although Doberman Pinschers were known to be attack dogs, they are actually a friendly and stable companion when properly trained and socialized. These dogs were trained to be watch dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs. They are loving and loyal, but also tough and ferocious. Even though this is the case, many of them are gentle. In fact, some are used in hospitals for therapy.

Highly Trainable Dog Breeds


Rottweiler, also called the “Rottie”, originated from Germany but used in the Roman Empire. It can be trained to be mean and vicious dogs. They are often used as police dogs because of their strong teeth and jaw. Because Rotties are very strong dogs, they can easily take down a human. In the old days, they were used to carry wood and heavy goods from markets to houses (vice versa). If you want to train a dog that will protect you and your home, then you should definitely consider a Rottweiler.

Highly Trainable Dog Breeds

Border Terrier

While terrier breeds are known for being difficult to train, the intelligent Border terrier will tell you otherwise. They are quick to learn tricks and behavior, and they easily respond to obedience training. They are energetic breeds that need to be kept engaged. They are really good with children and they are pretty laid-back compared to other terrier breeds. They easily adapt to various living situations and are usually easy to train. They often excel in many dog sports and they can be trained for therapy work as well.

Although these dogs are highly trainable, keep in mind that each dog is unique. Thus, your training experience with each of them will vary depending on certain factors like temperament, health, and even your own expertise. So while the dog you brought at home belongs to one of the breeds on this list, it is never a guarantee that they will take learning new tricks and behavior at ease. So take your time and give your furry friends the patience they need from you.