Puppy Grooming

Puppies can get started with grooming right away. Many people think that it is wrong to bathe or brush dogs under six months. They thought that bathing will dry the puppy’s coat or that brushing may be too rough for its age but the truth is it is the complete opposite. Many puppies come from breeders or animal shelters with dirty or smelly coat. A dog bath is needed and it will not harm them in any way. There are numerous shampoos on the market made for sensitive skin. Puppies benefit from these gentle cleansers. It does not harm the skin and as well as the coat. So when the puppy gets dirty, it’s okay to bath them.

Puppy Grooming


The generally accepted idea was that frequent bathing of your pet would damage its coat but that is all in the past. Although, may it be past or present that idea hides no truth. It was not until recently that dog’s hair coats were understood more clearly. A normal puppy’s skin and hair is similar to that of humans. Both are comprised of protein that has oil as lubricant. The average puppy needs a bath at least once a week. This helps maintain its hygiene by removing dirt, bacteria, and excessive dander. This also helps in preventing skin-related infections. Specially made shampoos are designed to cater the needs of puppies.

Begin by brushing or combing the coat to remove dirt, dead hair, mats and burrs. Next, apply a sterile eye ointment that serves as a protective film. Use warm water to wet the hair coat all the way to the skin. Then, apply shampoo and lather as everyone normally would. Let the shampoo sit for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. A thorough rinsing is important for not enough rinsing causes the coat to appear dry. Dry the coat with a towel, allowing the coat to dry at room temperature. If a hair dryer is used make sure it set to cool settings. Dry shampoos are also available for puppies that do not like water. Though the result is not effective as the wet bath.


Puppies love when their coats are brushed. It helps in removing dirt, mat, loose hair and stimulates oil glands to produce oil. Brushes that are perfect for puppies are brushes that contain metal pins on one side and soft bristles on the other. The puppy will see brushing as a form of petting. When it gets older, it will not make too much fuss when they are brushed or provided with a pet bath.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming should be done as early as possible. This is to make them get used to nail trimming when they get older. Puppies have usually active lifestyle so after an initial nail trimming the next you will trim the nails again would be another six weeks.

Puppy Grooming

These tips will help you take more care of your puppy. Keep them healthy as they grow beautifully into adults. Grooming your dog should not be traumatizing. Make it fun and safe.